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Welcome and Merry Meet!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Astrological Sabbat Dates

Many of us have set calendar dates on which we celebrate the sabbats for the ease of remembering them, such as Samhain being celebrated on October 31 annually.

In Tradition, the sabbat dates fall upon a date during which the Sun is in a certain degree of a specific astrological house. While the astrological dates might be more technical, what with having the planetary layout and subsequent astrological influences to one's advantage, neither date of celebration is considered "wrong".

Following is the astrological date chart, and below this chart is a two-year look ahead, at the astrological dates of each sabbat.

Samhain: Sun is at 15° Scorpio
Yule: Sun is at 1° Capricorn
Imbolc: Sun is at 15° Aquarius
Ostara: Sun is at 1° Aries
Beltaine: Sun is at 15° Taurus
Litha: Sun is at 1° Cancer
Lammas: Sun is at 15° Leo
Mabon: Sun is at 1° Libra

Imbolc 2009: February 4
Ostara 2009: March 22
Beltaine 2009: May 6
Litha 2009: June 23
Lammas 2009: August 8
Mabon 2009: September 24
Samhain 2009: November 8(i still do ritual on 31, October)
Yule 2009: December 23(ritual on 21)

Imbolc 2010: February 4
Ostara 2010: March 22
Beltaine 2010: May 6
Litha 2010: June 23
Lammas 2010: August 8
Mabon 2010: September 24
Samhain 2010: November 8(i still do ritual on 31, October)
Yule 2010: December 23(ritual on 21)

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  1. Funny how Spring Celebration is called Ostara but the Goddess is also known as Eostre. My goodness spelling and pronouncing things when you're a Pagan can get difficult.

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    Great Blog by the way!!!
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  3. hello, i just was wondering how a new wiccan about two days as of today could celebrate lammas? thanks so much and blessed be.

  4. JUST FYI . . . miss your updates. ;I


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