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Monday, November 9, 2009

Introduction to Grounding Mediations

Grounding Introduction.

Webster’s Vest Pocket Dictionary defines grounding as “a conductor that makes electrical connection with the earth or a framework.”

For animate and inanimate physical objects, grounding is achieved through the law of gravity. Gravity is defined in the same dictionary as “attraction of bodies towards the center of the earth.” Without gravity, we would be plummeted into space and would not be able to exist on earth. We would be unstable, like a feather caught in a cyclone.

To some extent, our physical bodies are always grounded or connected to the earth (even when flying in an airplane, we are still connected to the earth’s atmosphere by the gravitational pull; therefore, we can walk down the aisle of the plane without floating away.) But what about our energetic or spiritual bodies? Some people are more grounded than others, and our grounding, our connection with the earth, can change drastically from minute to minute. Oftentimes, when a person is experiencing stress, nervousness, pain, or extreme emotions, their spiritual body becomes ungrounded. When a person is ungrounded, even though their physical body is still attached to the earth, the rest of their energy may be all over the place. It might be soaring above their head, searching for a kinder and gentler abode; or it might be racing through whatever unfortunate person happens to be in their path.

People who lose things frequently, who become hysterical or “hyper”, who are spacey, who have trouble following directions, or who are not conscious of what they are doing or feeling are often ungrounded (don’t feel bad, these happen to everyone! Including me!) When you are ungrounded, you are much more vulnerable to becoming the effect of whatever or whoever is around you, and other people may find it difficult or annoying to be in your presence.

For example, if you are ungrounded and visit a friend who is also ungrounded and in a lousy mood, within minutes your original cheerful disposition may be replaced by your friend’s grouchiness. Or if you are ungrounded and driving, not only might you become lost, you might also become irritable as all the other drivers who are in a hurry, even though you have plenty of time to reach your destination.

The grounding of our spirits and even our physical body can be strengthened through the use of a grounding cord. This is energetic vehicle will harness your energy so that you can focus and remain calm and strong even in the face of adversity.

Let’s begin!

Picture a thousand-year-old redwood tree with enormous roots going a half mile or more deep into the earth. Do you think a strong gust of wind or an overly enthusiastic lumberjack could knock over the tree? Not likely! Could this wind capsize a ship secured into the depths of the ocean by a rope as thick as a man and an iron anchor as large as the Empire State Building? Probably not! In the same way, if your body and spirit are connected into the earth by a strong energetic cord (achieved through visualization), then when your boss unexpectedly reprimands or fires you, when a mugger jumps out at you from the bushes, you will be able to retain your calm composure and respond rather than react. If this does not seem likely, then you are probably jus not used to being grounded!

In addition to securing you to the earth and harnessing your energy, grounding is a very powerful and effective means of releasing negative energy or energy that is no longer serving you, as in the case of pain, anxiety, stress, unwanted thoughts, etc. Gravity not only pulls you towards the earth, but also everything in and around you. So your grounding cord can ground out everything and everyone that is in your body or energetic field that no longer serves you. Any worries, any emotion, any thoughts, any image, any pain, any problem, or anyone else’s energy can be immediately released through your connection to the earth.

A grounding cord can be visualized as any object. A strong rope, a column of light, a string of flowers or stars, as waterfall, as tree, etc. As long as it feels right to you. The grounding cord should be plugged into your first charka (charkas are spinning energy centers), which is located at the base of the spin. It extends and connects your to the center of the planet. In the realm of spirit, there is no time or space, so your grounding cord can instantaneously reach the center of the earth, and of course it can pass through whatever happens to be beneath you. You can ground anywhere, even from an airplane! However, grounding outside, with your feet touching the earth, is often the easiest.

While you can ground from any part of your body, I suggest grounding from your first charka because this is the energy center that actually regulates the functioning of your lower body and its connection to the physical world. It is important to realize that even though this is where the connection point is located, you can easily release energy from any point of your body or energetic field, even from the top of your head. Just imagine whatever you wish to release within yourself dislodging itself effortlessly from wherever it is located, and immediately passing through your first charka (as if that were a drain) and falling down your grounding cord until it is released into the center of the earth. Thanks to the gravitational pull of the earth, you don’t really need to exert any effort. Just let gravity suck whatever you wish to release down your cord.

Once whatever you are releasing reaches the center of the earth (which is scalding hot), it dissipates and returns to its original source, so your not polluting or hurting the earth in any way. When you release another person from your energy field, you are actually freeing their energy so it can be returned to them. You are not hurting them in any way. You may experience feelings of guilt or fear when you imagine a loved one falling down your grounding cord. These feelings have to do with breaking your former agreement to heal, carry, support, and feed that person your energy and with that person’s resistance to detaching from your field. If you do feel guilty when you release someone down your cord, then ask yourself what color might represent that feeling and visualize the color releasing down your cord as well. Also, remember that a person has no more right to be in your field than they do to touch your physical body or enter your home without your permission.

The following example will illustrate how to release a person from your energy field with the use of your grounding cord. Let’s say that you keep thinking about your boss, who is worried about meeting some deadlines. You realize that you can’t stop thinking about your boss because his energy is inside your head. Imagine that there are some trap doors at the bottom of your head. Then visualize your boss and his energy (ask yourself what color represents your boss’s energy or assign it a color, and see that color releasing so that next time you see that color, you will know whose energy it is) falling through these doors and being sucked into your grounding cord, where he continues to fall until he reaches the center of the Earth. Then see his image exploding or dissipating. If you become worried that you are hurting or irritating your boss by sending him into the fires of the earth, then visualize a color that represents the worried feeling and send it down your cord as well. Then imagine that his energy is being cleansed in the hot earth, and in your imagination watch it as it returns to his body, which you can postulate is growing happier and healthier as it fills up with his own essence.

Once you have grounded your body, it is important to make sure that your aura, or the energy field surrounding your body, is tucked into your grounding cord so that you can release whatever stubborn foreign energy may be trapped inside. This is easily accomplished by willfully tucking or inserting the entire circumference of your aura into your cord below your feet. Remember that your aura surrounds your entire body, including your head and feet. Even though the bottom of your aura is what is tucked into the cord, anything lodged in the top of your aura will be sucked downward by the gravitational pull. This is done through your imagination and intent. The more clearly you can visualize this, the more effective it will be.

You can practice grounding anytime, anywhere. I recommend practicing grounding when you are alone in mediation so you can really focus, as well as in public places so you can experience the difference. I suggest playing around with your grounding in a variety of situations, such as when dealing with a stressful family event, when attending a staff meeting, when running or doing aerobic exercise, when you are lost, and even when you are intoxicated!

When performing grounding the first times, you may want to do it alone in a quiet place so you can feel free to release any emotions that may come up. Some people like to ground themselves in the car. While this is very helpful to be grounded when driving, you should be cautious because visualizing any of your psychic tools does take some concentration that will pull your attention away from anything else you are doing at that moment, which obviously can be dangerous when driving. Also, sometimes grounding may cause you to feel sleepy due to the various energies you are releasing, and this could cause further problems when driving.

Grounding can be done when you are standing or sitting. In order to prepare yourself, I suggest that you ground while sitting in a chair, versus the floor, this might be easier to move the energy in your feet.

Some yogic postures and dance practices naturally ground a person, while others have the opposite effect. It is always good to ground yourself when beginning and ending any activity. If you engage in any type of spiritual/psychic practice that facilitates the release of your spirit or traveling of your energetic bodies, I highly advise that you ground yourself and call your energy back to your body at the completion of the session. Otherwise you may have a difficult time driving home or functioning in your daily life.

When you visualize your grounding, or any other psychic tool, it is helpful to see it in as much detail as possible. With your grounding cord, you should occasionally check the connection points to make sure it is secure (one end connected to your first charka, the other at the center of the earth.) sometimes you will have to willfully create the details of your cord, while at other times your cord will show itself to you in a form that appears spontaneously, without your conscious manipulation. When this happens, you are apt to be surprised and even impressed with the imagery that came from somewhere other than your logical mind. The important thing is to really see the cord in your imagination rather then just intellectually postulate that it is there. This attention to detail demands some discipline, but the results will be more fruitful.

If at any time you notice that your grounding cord has changed in a way you do not desire, or you feel uncomfortable with its appearance, or it appears damaged, or you see the image of someone you know in it, then it is a good idea to destroy this grounding cord and create a new one, preferably one that is in some way slightly different from the last. The reason for this is because your grounding may get polluted with the energies you have been trying to release, or may become the target of energies that wish to influence or control you. When you change your cord, those energies have a harder time locating you again.

If you are having difficulty visualizing a certain part of your cord, or you find it very difficult to concentrate when you attempt to create one, you are probably being affected by some foreign energy. This is similar to what happens with a clogged vacuum cleaner, malfunctioning garbage disposals, the rusty pipes connected to your kitchen sink, or even your own intestines.

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