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Welcome and Merry Meet!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Witches Bottle

The Witches Bottle
By Marion Weinstein (Earth Magic) - Adapted by CharmingPixieFlora

This was taught to Marion by Selena Fox. The Witches Bottle is mainly designed for protection of a home or business.

This is only one way to make a Witches Bottle, there are many more.

The Witches Bottle is traditionally buried in the earth. If you live in an apartment, you may bury your bottle in a large planter and kept by the front door of your home.


•A Sturdy, clean, wide-mouthed bottle or jar like a mayo jar etcwith a tight cover
•Soil or sand from the area surrounding your home. In an apartment, you could use the soil from a potted plant.
•Something sparkly or shining, that you like; such as a mirror, crystal, sparkles, fairy dust (Or my favorite thing, Citrine)
•A rusty bent nail. You can find rusty nails around construction sites; or dig around and see what you can find.
•A piece of broken glass - *Careful not to cut yourself.*
•Dried herbs of your choice Example of some herbs are ....Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and Mint. Garlic is also traditional. Add the herbs of your choice.
•A new penny or other coin
•(A whisker, feather or any item from all animal friends living in the home)
•(A piece of hair from all living in the home, or just the practitioner working the spell)
•A Magical working candle

To Proceed: I recommand that you do it on the first Full Moon after you move into your new place, or the Full Moon before the Summer Solstice if you already live there.

(Find the appropriate spot in your yard to bury the bottle. Work on the night of a Full Moon at the height of the Full Moon (directly over head). Or on the Full Moon right before Summer Solstice. Have all your items with you and a shovel. Use Salt to purify the space and a shaker for added umph.

Create and open sacred space. Light your working candle, and ideally allow to burn (safely) while you work. Dig the hole in the earth, try to keep the top sod in good shape to replace over the hole. Sprinkle with salt, use shaker as you see fit. Say an appropriate Bottle Spell as you fill the bottle.

”With the Goddess and God
Working for and through me
According to Free Will and For the Good of All.
I now fill this bottle

Earth anchors this magic in the ground.
This rusty nail, bent, now repels anything and anyone negative or life-denying.
The sparkling, shiny small piece of Citrine (or other object that you are using)
Hold the light for me and my deities.
A broken piece of glass to deflect harm to anyone it is intended for.

These herbs infuse the bottle with their living properties
(List and say the properties of the herbs you are using)

Mint, Money, Protection
Parsley, Protection
Sage, Wisdom, Protection
Rosemary, Love, Healing, and Health
Thyme, Health, Love, and Courage

This new penny manifests abundance in my home.
These whiskers, feathers etc to protect the (list all animals in the house)
My Hair to protect and draw any negativity to it and disperse it

This home is divinely protected and effectively safe.
Nothing and no one can enter without my permission
Only those people and beings through whom the Goddess and God work
Can stay here, can visit, can touch this place.

Only Positive Magic live in this place
In safety, protection, abundance, love, and joy
According to Free Will and For the Good of All

(Start to bury the bottle, and replace the sod you dug up before hand)

I now bury this bottle
It is invisible to all but me
And its magic continues
And so mote it be.”

By the time you have finished this spell, the bottle should be buried. Cover with leaves or something appropriate to make it truly invisible. Under the ground, it will continue to work until you choose to remove it. If you leave that area, it is best to dig up the bottle. Then perform this again at your next residence.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,
)0( Blessed Be )O(

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